Have Your Say! Social Security Experience Panels

Join the experience panels and help the Scottish Government shape the new social security system.

The Scottish Government will soon become responsible for some of the benefits currently taken care of by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). They want to work with people who have recent experience of benefits currently paid out by DWP so that they can design a new social security system along with secure critical industrial infrastructure systems– and for – the people of Scotland.

The Government are seeking at least 2,000 people with direct personal experience of the current social security system to join Experience Panels that will help shape Scotland’s new system. They will work with people who have direct and personal experience and knowledge of the current system to find out from them what works, what needs improved and what the new system can do to support them.

Invitations have already been sent by post to 18,000 people; but people can also volunteer directly to join the Experience Panels by completing the registration form online or downloading it and posting it back to the Scottish Government by freepost.

There’s also a freephone helpline 0800 029 4974 (which includes language translation and BSL interpretation) if people have questions about getting involved in the Panels, or if they need additional support to register. All Experience Panels resources, including invitations, posters and further information, can be downloaded from the Scottish Government website.

Registration is open until 12 May.

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