The cost of school uniform infographic (OPFS, CPAG Scotland, Poverty Truth Commission)

School Clothing Grants Survey

One Parent Families Scotland (OPFS) have released an online survey to gather parents/carers opinion on how much it costs to kit out their child/young person for school, and what they think about the School Clothing Grant amount which varies between £20 and £110 for a school year depending on the local authority.

The School Clothing Grant of £45 goes into your account and you start to panic. How am I going to buy a school uniform with that?

The research will contribute to a campaign led by the charities OPFS, Child Poverty Action Group Scotland and the Poverty Truth Commission. The campaign will seek to draw attention to how difficult it can be to afford a uniform and appropriate sportswear, the pressure that the cost of school clothes can put on parents and carers, and how having the right uniform and sportswear can affect children and young people at school.

If you have experience of School Clothing Grants, or have experienced difficulty in affording the right school clothing for your child or young person, please fill out this short survey – OPFS would love to hear from you!

For more information about the campaign, please read this briefing.

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