Back to School (or not)

As you will have heard the situation regarding attendance for pupils at schools has now changed in line with the announcement of a national lockdown made by the First Minister. For up to date information please see the NHS inform website which will refer you to the relevant local authority area who will advise you whether you may be entitled to a place in an educational hub for the children in your care:…/coronavirus/winter-startback

Further information regarding the stay at home restrictions can be found at the Scottish Government website:…/coronavirus-covid-19-stay-at…/

If you feel that you need a place at your child’s school for care and protection purposes during this lockdown then it may be possible to get one.  Vulnerable children and young people are eligible for places and some kinship cared children will fall within this definition.  The professionals working with the children should be approached to establish if a space can be provided.

Our helpline is here to help advise you 10am – 2.30pm, if you are unclear about any of this information give us a call

0808 800 0006

Vulnerable children and young people – definition

Children and young people may be vulnerable because of factors related to their personal development, features of their family life, or because of wider influences that impact on them within their community.