Connective Parenting, training for kinship Carers.

KCASS is excited to be offering training for Kinship Carers which focuses on the principles of Non-Violent Resistance when tackling children’s difficult behaviours.

This Connective Parenting course is aimed at kinship carers only.

The course is focused on the principles of Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) to enable Kinship Carers to parent the child they care for through the development of strong connective relationships and to mange difficult behaviours.  The course is practical in nature, taking attendees through the key elements of the NVR map and providing suggested strategies for Kinship Carers to implement in the home.  

NVR is not just about dealing with child to Carer violence, as the name might suggest. It is a constructive way of parenting that can be used by all the family to tackle any form of conflict, however minor.  The focus of NVR is in creating strong bonds which will help reduce potential future issues; you don’t need to be at crisis point to start using it.

Attendees will leave this introductory course with a clear understanding of the principles of NVR and practical skills to enable them to go home and implement what they have learnt. 

KCASS provides follow up support to all those who attend the course. 

 This course is in two parts and will take place on 6th October and 13th October 10am – 2pm. Attendees should be able to attend both parts of the training.

You can register for this Connective Parenting course here

There are still spaces available on Lets Learn Together which runs on 1st September and 8th September you can register here

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