Kinship Care week and CPAG

The Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland provides information on the financial support available for Kinship Carers. Please see their latest bulletin below in support of Kinship Care Week.


This week is Kinship Care Week in Scotland.

Kinship Care Week aims to increase understanding and recognition of the role of kinship carers and the challenges they often face. Importantly, it’s also an opportunity to celebrate kinship carers for the incredible role they play in raising children. Kinship Care Week is co-ordinated by Kinship Care Advisory Service Scotland working in partnership with other Kinship Care organisations. You can find out more about all the week’s activities here.

One challenge that some kinship carers face is trying to navigate the system of financial support that may be available, whether that is from the local authority, the social security system, or a mix of both. At CPAG in Scotland we have just published a report on the challenges that the universal credit system creates for kinship carers. Click here to read Kinship carers and universal credit – lessons in complexity.

We also have various resources to guide kinship carers and people supporting them through the complexities of the benefit system. See our online information on:

Kinship care and benefits – the essentials

Kinship carers and universal credit

Scottish child payment and kinship carers

If you are an adviser, social worker or support worker you may also find our Children’s Handbook Scotland useful. The handbook is a detailed guide on the benefit implications for families and young people in a range of situations where a child is living away from their birth family. The Children’s Handbook Scotland is free to use online and has loads of useful information for kinship carers.

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