KCASS Spring training for Kinship Carers.

We are offering two training opportunities for Kinship Carers during April, May and June.

Therapeutic Parenting/Caring for Kinship Carers: a two session online course running on Wednesday 27th April 10.00 – 14.00 and Wednesday 4th May 10.00 – 14.00. This is a discussion based workshop about what parenting/caring therapeutically really means. An opportunity to share strategies and techniques.

You can register for this course by clicking on this link:

Mindfulness sessions for Kinship Carers.

Restore the Balance – an exploration of mindfulness and how it can support us in our daily lives

This seven-session online programme introduces key mindfulness concepts and is supplemented by a wealth of content and activity to enhance the online group sessions. The core purpose is to support participants to slow down, to better manage stress and to connect to themselves and to others. 

The course is facilitated by Raymy Boyle, a mindfulness coach and himself a kinship carer.

This course starts on Thursday 28th April from 10-11am and will run for the following 6 weeks each Thursday until the 9th June. Zoom links and additional information on how to access additional content will be shared with those who register. Please register your interest here

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