Term or Phrase Abbreviations in Full Meaning
ASL Additional Support for Learning Refers to extra support available for children in school.
CAB Citizens Advice Bureau Independent local charities that are members of the Scottish Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux provide advice and information to people in need in over 200 locations.
Child’s Plan A Child’s Plan will be available for children who require extra support that is not generally available to address a child or young person’s needs and improve their wellbeing.
Children’s Hearing or Children’s Panel Meetings that are held in front of a panel to provide help for children who may be having problems in their lives and may require compulsory measures of care.
CSO Compulsory Supervision Order Section 83 Children’s Hearing (Scotland) Act 2011
These are measures taken for the protection, guidance, treatment or control of a child. They may have conditions attached such as stating where the child should live, requiring contact with parents to be supervised or attendance at a school/family centre.
CPCC Child Protection Case Conference A meeting held following a child protection investigation which allows professionals involved to assess relevant information & plan to safeguard the child.
CPO Child Protection Order A short term emergency order granted by the Court which protects a child from an immediate risk of harm.
CSP Co-ordinated Support Plan A legal document that involves a variety of agencies to ensure child’s support needs are met.
CYPA Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 A law which applies to a range of aspects of children’s services in Scotland.
DWP Department for Work and Pensions A Government department responsible for welfare and employment issues (formerly the DSS).
FGC Family Group Conferencing Where all family members come together to find solutions for problems affecting the children in the family.
GIRFEC Getting it Right for Every Child GIRFEC is the national approach in Scotland to improving outcomes and supporting the wellbeing of our children and young people by offering the right help at the right time from the right people.
GoR Grounds of Referral Section 67 Children (Scotland) Act 1995
These are the reasons why a child could be referred to a Children’s Hearing. They include offences committed by the child, non school attendance and lack of parental care. The grounds of referral have to be accepted by the child and their parents and/or ‘established’ by the Sheriff.
HMRC Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs A Government department that collects and administers direct and indirect taxes and also pays and administers Child Benefit, Tax Credits and Child Trust Fund.
IEP Individualised Educational Programme A detailed programme highlighting child’s needs, how they will be met and learning outcomes to be achieved.
KC Kinship Carer The Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulations 2009 defines a potential kinship carer as a person who is related to the child or who is known to the child and with whom the child has a pre-existing relationship. A Local Authority has the power to decide whether to approve such a relative or person as a kinship carer for the child.
KCO Kinship Care Order For the purposes of Part 13 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, a kinship carer who has an order under Section 11 (1) of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 for parental
responsibilities and rights, residence or guardianship will be deemed to have a Kinship Care Order.
KFC Kinship Foster Carer In England and Wales, kinship care is sometimes referred to as kinship foster care. Similarly, kinship carers are sometimes referred to as kinship foster carers.
LA Local Authority One of the 32 councils in Scotland.
LAAC Looked After and Accommodated Children A term sometimes used by local authorities and other organisations to describe children and young people looked after away from home.
LAC Looked After Child Where a child is looked after by the Local Authority either within or outwith the parental home.
NPM National Practice Model A framework within GIRFEC that allows for assessment, analysis, action and review to identify outcomes for children.
PFC Private Foster Carer Where a child is looked after by a family member or friend. This is a private arrangement and the carer needs to register as a private foster carer.
PLP Personalised Learning Plan Sets out manageable aims and goals for a child to achieve specific to their developmental needs.
PO Permanence Orders An order granted by the Court allowing a Local Authority to determine a child’s residence and those who are responsible for providing guidance to the child. This can move responsibilities and rights to the carers. It may also grant authority for a child to be adopted.
PVG Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme A scheme introduced by the Government to ensure that people doing “regulated” work or activities (which includes approved kinship carers) are suitable to do so. This is based on their offending history.
Regs Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulations 2009 Regulations which are an addition to the Children (Scotland) Act 1995 and Adoption & Children (Scotland) Act 2007.
RO Residence Order A residence order determines where and with whom a child shall reside, this is also known as a Kinship Care Order
S11 Section 11 of Children (Scotland) Act 1995 A section of this Act which describes Court orders specific to parental responsibilities and rights.
S22 Section 22 of Children (Scotland) Act 1995 This section imposes a duty on Local Authorities to provide a range of services to children who are “in need”.
S25 Section 25 of Children (Scotland) Act 1995 This section imposes a duty on Local Authorities to provide accommodation for children and young people. They need parental consent to do so unless the parent is dead or cannot be found.
S26A S26A of Children (Scotland) Act 1995 This section was introduced by the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and explains the duty of providing Continuing Care to looked after young people.
S29 S29 of Children (Scotland) Act 1995 A section of the Act which details the support a Local Authority should provide to care leavers.
S50 Section 50 of Children Act 1975 This section gives power to a Local Authority to assist with the maintenance of a child where they are being cared for by someone other than the parent (does not include foster care).
S80 Section 80 of Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007 A section of this Act which explains the role of Permanence Orders.
S110 Section 110 of Adoption & Children (Scotland) Act 2007 This section details payments for kinship carers where the children have been placed under Looked After Children (Scotland) Regulations 2009.
Safeguarder A person who has been appointed to undertake an assessment of the child’s best interests by a Children’s Hearing or Court.
SGO Special Guardianship Order SGO is an alternative legal status in England and Wales for non-parents who are caring for a child in a long-term, secure placement.
SHANARRI Refers to the 8 indicators of wellbeing which focus professionals to see if a child is safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible & included.
UC Universal Credit Universal Credit will create a single household allowance (called a personal allowance) which combines the help currently given in working-age benefits such as Jobseekers Allowance into a single streamlined payment.