Private Fostering

Responsibilities of the Local Authority:
  • They must determine if the placement is right for the child
  • They will visit the child & parent within 2 weeks of being informed
  • Visit parents/ Guardian and Private foster carers
  • Obtain a full medical assessment of the child
  • If possible ask the child on their view of the placement
  • Regularly visit where the child is staying
  • Obtain a medical certificate of carers to assess their ability to care for the child
  • Write a report stating if placement is appropriate and give to carer & parent
  • Visit the child every 3 months up to 1 year, and after that every 6 months until deemed necessary
Responsibilities of Carers:
  • A parent should contact the social work department at least 2 weeks prior to you caring for the child and you should also do the same. It should be done in writing
  • If the child is placed in an emergency situation contact SW within 7 days
  • You must allow social work to visit and interview in order to ensure that the child is safe and cared for
  • If you change address while caring for the child you must inform SW and what area you are moving to
  • Inform SW within 48 hours if the child dies or is removed from your care