Informal Kinship Carers

“I have lived with my nana since I was a baby because my mummy was bad. She used to come and see me but she doesn’t anymore because she is bad again. I hope I am not bad but my nana says I am not, that I am a good boy, I like being good.

I love my nana lots and lots and lots. I have a blue room with rockets on the wall. My room has lots of toys, I love my room. My favourite toy is my football. My nana takes me to the park to kick my ball. I run and run and run and then I get juice and go home. I want to be a footballer when I am older.”

Boy, aged 6

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You may have chosen this section because you are or are about to become kinship carer for a child. This section will explain how this will happen and what process you will go through.