Benefit Information

If you are caring for a child whose parents belong to another Local Authority, that Local Authority is responsible for the care of that child.

If you require support or assistance then you must contact that Local Authority

It is important to be aware of cross boundary issues where Local Authorities do not follow the same procedures in kinship care arrangements and this can therefore be very confusing for you. Please contact your own Local Authority for advice.

It is really important that you understand that when caring for a child there are certain steps you must take in order to receive financial benefits to help you care for that child.

Every situation is different and you should always ask advice which is relevant to your own circumstances.

When a child comes to live with you it is important to let the DWP and HMRC know as soon as possible so as the right person claims the benefits and tax credits in respect of the child.


  • If the child is living full-time with you, you should be able to claim the appropriate benefits and tax credits in respect of the child. It is therefore important to be able to show that the child is living with you. This could be by showing who is the main contact or registered address for school or nursery, or for their GP
  • Do it as quickly as possible – it can take several months to process the benefit claim if there are any issues
  • Means tested benefits are based on your personal circumstances such as your income, savings etc
Always contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for advice on what you are entitled to as a kinship carer. For more details see