Children in Need

Some children live with relatives on an informal basis. Many carers manage without support from social work and other services, however many in this situation may require assistance.

These are children who are particularly vulnerable due to:

    • Previous family circumstances
    • Suffered bereavement or loss
    • Their carer is elderly or in poor health
    • Child is disabled or affected by disability
  • These are children who may require greater than average help and support in school or through Health Services.
  • The carers of these children may require greater than average advice and support because of the length of time since they previously parented or because they have never parented


  • Contact your Local Authority about your concerns


  • You will meet with a member of social work services who will discuss and review your position. There could also be concerns about the child’s health or school


  • A plan should be drawn up by you and the social worker to highlight what needs are to be met and put in place. This will include:
    • What services will be provided
    • How long these services should last
    • What they hope will be achieved through this provision of service
    • What the role of the carer, the social services and the service will be


  • You may receive:
    • Advice, guidance and support – i.e. counselling
    • Help at home – regular visits or assistance through home help
    • Day care – childcare through nursery
    • Respite – day trips, holidays
    • Community services – bringing the family together through activities
    • Financial help or advice – cash payments (discretionary)
Your Local Authority may be able to offer you financial support so please contact them. Do not be afraid to ask for help.