Kinship Care Assistance

A Local Authority must provide kinship care assistance so as to safeguard, support and promote the wellbeing of an eligible child. It is available to;

  • An adult who applies for, considers applying for or has obtained a Kinship Care Order for a child under 16
  • A guardian of a child under 16.
  • A child of 16 years or under who is subject to a Kinship Care Order or has an appointed guardian

An eligible child is a child who the Local Authority considers to be at risk of being looked after or a child who was previously looked after.

Local authorities must determine if a child is an eligible child when the child comes to the attention of the social work service. They will be able to determine if the child was previously looked after. To determine if a child is at risk of becoming looked after the local authority must consider if the child’s circumstances would require them to be removed from the family home or that they could not safely return there.