Kinship Kids

Welcome to our online story book, we hope you like it.

We are all kids that live with our grannies, granddads, nana, papas, aunts, uncles and even brother and
sisters. We have been told that this is called kinship.

We like where we live but we do miss our mums and dads sometimes.

Sometimes we can be sad or angry and feel lonely but other times we are happy and have lots of fun. Some of us meet up together each week and that is good cause we are all the same, none of us live with our mum and dad. If you are reading this then you are not alone, there are lots of us in kinship. We have made new friends and we have tried lots of new things.

We all found someone we can talk to, you should too. They are teachers, our grans, nanas, aunts or sisters or my support worker. Some of us now have a thing called a befriender. This is where we meet a big grown up who takes us out to do fun things like going to the cinema or the park. I feel better when I talk to my support worker, things don’t seem as bad anymore.

We all like to have fun. We play football, the guitar, listen to music, bake with our granny or play the PlayStation. We get to come to groups too and meet other kids like us. They are great and we have lots of fun. Ask your granny or aunt, or brother who you stay with if you can join one where you live too.

We hope you like our stories.