Ben, 12 years

I’ve lived with my Nana & Papa all of my life because my mum’s really stupid and took drugs. I didn’t know she took drugs until a few years ago. My mum used to live with Nana and Papa as well but Nana said she kept stealing from them and had to leave. I didn’t see her for a few years because she was in prison, I’m not really sure what for, and I didn’t know she was prison I only found that out about a year ago. I’m annoyed nobody told me she was in prison but I don’t remember missing her maybe because I’ve always lived with Nana and Papa.

Mums supposed to have stopped taking drugs now and has a baby. I don’t know how she was allowed to have a baby if she couldn’t look after me. I feel angry and confused that she has this baby, how can she love this baby and she couldn’t love me. Nana says it’s a good thing that mum is allowed to keep the baby it means she mustn’t be taking drugs anymore and mum does love me. I know Nana is just saying that she wouldn’t have taken drugs and left me here if she loved me. I don’t really see her much as all she cares about is this baby.

I know I’m lucky I’ve got Nana and Papa

I know I’m lucky I’ve got Nana and Papa, there is a boy at my school who lives with Foster Carers I would hate that, at least I’m with my family. Nana and Papa are old quite old and some people slagged me at school but things are better at my new school and I like my guidance teacher Mr Pearson.

When I’m feeling sad I go to my room and play my guitar, I’m quite good at playing the guitar, Papa taught me when I was quite small, I don’t really play with him anymore though as we like different music. Playing the guitar makes me happy, Papa says I should join the guitar group at the school, maybe I will.