Jade, 8 Years

When I lived with my mum and dad there was lots of fighting and arguing going on because they drank too much. My sister brother and me would hide in the bedroom out of the way as it was sometimes very scary. I think the neighbours complained and the police would sometimes come to the door.

We were late for school all the time as mum and dad were too tired to get us ready. I liked it when we got to stay at Gran’s for the weekend, there was no fighting and shouting and she made my favourite lentil soup.

There were lots of social workers and people asking us questions at school and we had to go to a meeting with three people behind a big desk who decided we had to go and live in Foster Care. I wanted to shout at the top of my voice and tell them all to shut up and then run away.

I don’t understand why we can’t all live together

After a few months me and my sister went to live with Gran I was so happy as I love it at my Grans, except my brother had to go and live with his Gran this is because he is my half brother.

I don’t understand why we can’t all live together, this makes me so angry and I sometimes get into trouble when I’m angry. Gran says I need to talk to someone about my anger, I don’t really want to as it’s none of their business but I suppose it might help. There’s someone at the kinship care group that I go to who has a befriender and he says he really likes him and they go out and do fun stuff together, maybe I’ll get a befriender, I think I might like that.

I love running about outside that helps me calm down but Gran worries that I’ll get into trouble, I wish she wouldn’t worry so much. I like climbing on things like, trees, walls and garages and I pretend I’m in the army. When I’m 12yrs I’m going to join the army cadets and when I’m even older I’m going to join the real army and get away from here and travel the world!