Megan, 10 years

I’ve lived with my Granny and Granddad since I was 2yrs old because my mum couldn’t look after me as she was ill and needed an operation. My dad was supposed to be looking after me even although he wasn’t staying with mum anymore but I think he wasn’t used to toddlers so didn’t know how to look after me. I don’t think I’ve seen him since then as he went away to live somewhere else. My mum has not really got any better, she is always ill and in the hospital a lot, I’m not sure what’s wrong with her, why does nobody tell me anything, I’m not a baby!

I feel happy not worried about everything when I’m listening to music

I have a brother Daniel who is 4yrs and I heard Granny and Granddad talking I don’t think I was supposed to hear, saying he might be coming to stay with us soon as mum can’t’ look after him anymore. They were saying we will have to move house as my bedroom is so small there is no room for another bed and how will they manage. I think Granny was crying. I worry about Granny and Granddad it’s not fair mum get’s them upset. I’m glad he will be staying with us as I worry about Daniel, Granny says I’m such a worrier and at my age I shouldn’t worry so much about everything but I can’t help it.

If Daniel comes to stay I’m going to help Granny and Granddad look after him. I hope he does but he better not touch my headphones as I love my music, it helps me block everything out and I feel happy not worried about everything when I’m listening to my music.