Short Stories

Lucy, 6 years old

I live with my big sister I don’t know where my mummy went.

She makes sure I am ok, she feeds me, buys me clothes but she makes me go to the Dentist and I do not like the Dentist.

My room is covered in teddy bears and I give them cuddles when I feel sad.

I am sad when I think about my mummy but my sister always tries to cheer me up.

Ice cream is great and I cover it all with strawberry sauce yummmmmy!

Kayleigh, 4 years old

I love my frozen room. Olaf’s in the corner and I have lots of princess pictures on the wall. My granny stuck them on for me but I helped. I love my room, I never had one before. My bed is really high and bouncy. I go to the park and I have a new friend called Lucy, she’s nice, she has curly brown hair. Dad likes her too he met Lucy when he visited last week. I miss my dad, he goes away and I see him sometimes. When he leaves I am sad but my granny gives me big cuddles and I get ice cream so that is good. My granny says I start school soon, Lucy is going too so I can’t wait.

Chelsea, 9 years old

I have always lived with my nana and papa – really they are my mum and dad as they look after me so much. They do annoy me at times but that is ok as they give me lots of lovely things and tell me they love me every day. I have never met my dad but I have met my mum once. She came up to my room to say hello, she chatted to me for ages but I didn’t really say anything to her. She smelled funny and when she left I heard her shouting with my nana and papa downstairs. I went to the bathroom and stayed there for ages in case she came back.

I have lots of friends and I like school but I sometimes feel sad when others talk about doing stuff with their mum and dad. I do lots of stuff with nana and papa but they are getting old now and papa has a limp so he can’t play and run around with me like he used to but that’s ok. It’s my birthday soon and I am having a party at soft play. I have 10 friends coming and I can’t wait, it is going to be brilliant, especially my chocolate birthday cake.