Zara, aged 5½ years and Ryan, aged 4½ years

I live with my Auntie Ann and her boyfriend Gavin so does my little brother Ryan. Caitlin lives there too she’s 12yrs old and is kinda like our big sister but I think she’s actually our cousin. I like Caitlin even if she doesn’t let us into her room as she says we’re way too annoying!

We came to stay with Auntie Ann the day before Ryan’s birthday, I didn’t want to stay here I wanted to stay with mummy but these people said I had to as my mummy couldn’t look after us properly. I cried and cried because it’s not true she loves us.

“We get to see mummy sometimes and it’s always at the soft play”

We get to see mummy sometimes and it’s always at the soft play and there is always this lady called Lyndsay there, I don’t like Lyndsay very much as she doesn’t let mummy talk to us on her own. I miss mummy.

I share a room with Ryan at Auntie Ann’s and I like that as I get scared in the dark. Sometimes I get bad dreams and Auntie Ann comes and gives me a cuddle, I like that as mummy never used to hear me if I had a bad dream.

I like that Ryan and I don’t have to be quiet all the time at Auntie Ann’s like we did at mummy’s, we’re allowed to play which makes us happy. I like playing with the building bricks with Ryan and then we knock them over and scream really loudly, it’s such fun!