A Kinship Care Order

Information regarding a Kinship Care Order and kinship care assistance can be found in Part 13 of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 and the Kinship Care Assistance (Scotland) Order 2016.

To receive a Kinship Care Order you must be a person who:

  • Is related to the child
  • Is a friend/acquaintance of a person who is related to the child
  • Has a relationship or connection to the child

A parent does not apply.

In some cases a parent will retain some parental responsibilities and rights for the children which can have an impact on the child and the carer. The Local Authority must provide information and advice to those seeking, holding or subject to a Kinship Care Order.

A Kinship Care Order can ensure a more stable home for the child. Having parental responsibilities and rights will allow the kinship carer to make a range of decisions in relation to a child’s day to day life. Such as:

  • Consent to a child’s medical procedures
  • Obtain a passport for the child
  • Be responsible for their property

Once a Kinship Care Order has been granted the child is no longer looked after by a Local Authority. Where a child’s wellbeing need has been identified that support will be given through means of support available to all children. If the child has a specific need to meet their wellbeing need a Child’s Plan will be developed and a lead professional identified.

An order will continue until the child is 16 years where it is felt a child will be able to decide their own place of residence. In exceptional circumstances an order may continue past 16 years.