Now available to stream… the Kinship Care Week boxset!

Recordings of 7 events that took place in March are now available for you to watch and absorb in your own time, additionally, they are all available on our YouTube channel:

Below you can learn about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). You can listen to MSP Maree Todd’s answers to the questions posed by kinship carers. Or see professional advice on the kinship care legal system. Webinars on the impact of Covid-19 on kinship families and new rights for siblings are available too! The popular Trauma on the Brain session with David Trickey is also available along with Understanding Trauma and Helping Recovery facilitated by Anne Wilson of Children’s Health Scotland

We’re grateful to our speakers for agreeing to be recorded. If any of these videos raises questions for you, contact the Kinship Care Advice Service by telephone or email, and we’ll be happy to help answer. Phone 0808 800 0006 or email the service at

Kinship Care Week: Trauma and the Brain

Clinical Psychologist David Trickey from the UK Trauma Council explores the neuroscience of trauma; how the brain processes traumatic memories and ways of supporting children and young people to cope.

Kinship Care Week: Understanding Trauma and Helping Recovery

Anne Wilson from Children’s Health Scotland gives an introduction to trauma, what it is, how it affects children’s behaviours and techniques to support recovery.

Kinship Care Week: Stand up for Siblings

An overview of the work of the Stand Up for Siblings partnership to bring about legal rights for siblings to remain in contact. Plus an introduction to the Lifelong Links pilot project that supports lasting family connections.

Kinship Care Week: Q&A with Children’s Minister Maree Todd

Maree Todd MSP, Scotland’s Minister for Children and Young People, answers kinship carers’ questions on policy matters involving variations in local support, assistance with legal fees and statutory employment leave, and other important topics.

Kinship Care Week: Kinship Care and the Law

A panel of professionals answer kinship carers’ questions on navigating the complexities of Scotland’s legal system.

Kinship Care Week: An Introduction to FASD

FASD Hub Scotland’s presentation on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) – a condition commonly affecting kinship families where there is a history of addiction.

Kinship Care Week: Dr Maggie Grant – Face 19 research

Research findings from the University of Stirling on the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic from a kinship care perspective.